Isabella Spirig

Project Manager Dance at Migros-Kulturprozent; Initiator IntegrART – a project that advocates equality for people with disabilities in culture and society.
“Powerchair Hockey, with its dynamics, joy of playing and especially its virtuosity, reminds me of unforgettable dance productions! I am committed to hosting the World Championship 2022 in order to make this thrilling sport accessible to the broader public and enable the teams to experience an unforgettable event.”
Martin Wenger

Sports Manager at Rollstuhlsport Schweiz
“Powerchair hockey games grab the viewer by the first minute and never let go. The hosting of a world championship gives us the great opportunity to inspire even more people for this sport and to push the sport further. The chances are good to win the first world championship title in hockey for Switzerland and on top of that in our own country! Hup Schwiiz!!!” 
Ivo Brühlmann

Accounting & Controlling Manager
“Being able to host a World Cup in Switzerland is an organisational and financial challenge. This task appeals to me! At the same time, I’m already looking forward to lifting the trophy into the air with the home team; a dream within reach!  
Frank Habersatter

Qualified Social Education Worker / Social Manager MAS – Head of Accommodation and Deputy Managing Director at Mathilde Escher Foundation
“A World Championship in their home country would be well for the fact that both competitive as well as mass sports have established themselves for people with severe disabilities.”
Ute Göbbels

Occupational Therapist at the Mathilde Escher Stiftung in Zurich / Coach for the Zeka-Rollers since 2014
 “As a coach and in my work as an occupational therapist, I notice again and again that Powerchair Hockey plays an important, for many even the most important, part in the players’ lives. I am also utterly thrilled and fascinated by this sport. I am committed to hosting the Powerchair Hockey World Championship 2022 in order to enable our team to experience the excitement and dynamics of a World Championship at home.”
Walter inhelder

Head of Information Security & IT Risk Management at Swiss Life
“I am committed to hosting the Powerchair-Hockey World Championship 2022 so that we can introduce this rapid and intensive power-sport to as many fans as possible and provide the active players with a memorable event.”
Dave Inhelder

Responsible for the Swiss Powerchair Hockey Website and Social Media / National Team Player since 2009
“It is my goal to organize a World Championship that will be remembered by every active player as well as every fan.”
Raphael Bachmann

Vice Head of TK / Delegate of the Team
 “A Powerchair Hockey World Championship in their home country must be an unforgettable event for every active player as well as every fan. I would like to experience that myself – and I do what I can to make this happen.”
Noé Spirig

In Training / National Team Player since 2011
 “As a player, a home World Championship is very special and something that every player would like to experience one day. For this reason, I am actively supporting the project Powerchair Hockey World Championship 2022 in Switzerland and helping to organize a memorable event.”